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The ecclesiastical parish of St. Minver is situated on the north coast of Cornwall, England, across the river from Padstow and next to Wadebridge. It is part of the Diocese of Truro and through that, part of the Church of England.

The parish is bounded on the west by the River Camel from Trewornan Bridge to its mouth at Pentire Head; then the boundary follows the coast to the hamlet of Port Quin, from where it crosses inland, just skirting Chapel Amble, until it returns to Trewornan Bridge.

The parish is blessed with three churches; the parish church of St. Menefreda with the chapels of St. Enodoc at Trebetherick and St. Michael at Porthilly, Rock.

History and Legend.

Cornwall is a county rich in legend and poor in history. For many hundreds of years, whilst the rest of Britain was being civilised, first by the Romans and then by the Normans, Cornwall remained isolated, a country with its own language and customs, remote and aloof. Legend and history intermingle. It is impossible to be certain when legend ends and history begins in Cornwall. This is particularly true of early church history.

Some religious records were kept in our few monasteries. These were mostly lost during the Reformation, early in the 16th century. Others were destroyed in coastal raids by Danes, Spaniards and Frenchmen. More destruction occurred during the Civil War.

That the county is rich in religious history is evident from the hundreds of saints’ names which remain, especially here in the North. This area was one of the centres of early religious culture. This is borne out not only by legend but by the numerous ornaments and relics found on early settlements, particularly round Padstow and, this side of the estuary, on Brea Hill near St. Enodoc Church. Further evidence abounds in the numerous way-side crosses that you will see as you travel the byways of this beautiful county.


These lovely old churches are not only monuments to the faith, hard work and creativity of our ancestors, and of great historical and architectural interest. They must also be centres of faith, hard work and creativity in our own lives today. Please pray here, come to our services and help us to make a reality of the love of God and His son Jesus Christ.


Services are held in each of these three churches every Sunday. The full pattern of worship is published extensively in the local area, and is promulgated on the notice boards of each church. You can also click here to view the church diary of services and events for the churches in the area. The churches' website will open in a new window and you can select the church you would like to view from the menu on the left. Close the window to return to this website.


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