Want to Study Rocks in College? Here’s What You Need to Know

Geology is the scientific study of rocks. Rocks are essential to human civilisation because they contain minerals and metals that we use in our everyday living. Petrology, on the other hand, is the specialised study of rocks and is an important component of Geology.

Geologists make an in-depth study of rocks because they contain clues about the past of the Earth. From these clues, scientists can formulate a historical record of the planet and trace the events that happened long before the humans existed.

Graduate programs in Geology are designed for training students in a career working in the fields of water, energy, environmental services, soil and education. These degrees include field experiences with water and soil analysis and the examination of rock formations. Graduate schools in Geology help prepare the students for potential work in construction, government, education and resource management. With a geology degree, you are well prepared for a career as a geologist.

You can select from various kinds of geology graduate schools. The programs for geology offer online or on-campus classes. There are part-time and full-time course loads as well. The programs at the Masters in Geology level are called Master of Earth and Environmental Sciences degree or a Master of Geoscience degree. If you want to earn a degree in higher learning, you can aim for a doctorate geology programs like Doctorate in Earth Science or a certificate program like Geoscience of Subsurface Exploration Appraisal and Development Graduate Certificate (GeoSEAD). You can choose your graduate program for geology that will match your career goals.

There are two learning institutions in Mexico where you can get a Master’s degree in Geology. These are Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and Universidad de Sonora.

Tagged as one of the best colleges in Mexico, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon is located in Linares, Mexico. You can complete a full degree and graduate with a Master’s degree in Geology. Likewise, in Universidad de Sonora, located in Hermosillo, Mexico, you can also graduate with the same academic qualifications. You will have to put in a personal request for the details of their academic program on their website. In these public universities, the main language of instruction is in Spanish.

Other colleges you can attend to get an undergraduate degree in the study of rocks is in Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City and Puebla. The University’s main campus is located in the Santa Fe suburbs of Mexico City. The private institution is founded in 1943 and offers various degree programs in different academic disciplines. There are three terms when you can enter the academy: academic year, spring semester and fall semester.

Why choose a university or college in Mexico? Mexico claims to have the second biggest Latin America economy next to Brazil. It is included in TIMBI, the group of countries comprised by Turkey, India, Brazil and Indonesia. These are countries that are very progressive and are following closely to nations called BRICS, which are the fastest growing economies of the world. With Mexico’s growing economy is the rise of a higher education system, making the overseas study to this country a worthy consideration.

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