Forget IPads, a Better Hobby for Your Children Is Rocks

It is sad seeing children who are no longer interested in the things we used to do when we were younger. There was a time when children loved the outdoors. They would rather play with other kids and have fun even if it means they would be very messy at the end of the day.

Today, most kids are attached to their electronic devices. They would rather play with their favorite games using their iPads or video gaming consoles than go out and experience the real world. They have rich experience when it comes to virtual reality but they are totally detached from the real life.

This is sad considering that there are a lot of values that kids can learn by going out of the house to play. This is why it is important for parents to motivate their children to try something new. There is nothing wrong in reintroducing activities to kids today those that used to be popular in the past.

Try collecting rocks

One of the most popular hobbies for kids before was collecting rocks. The reason why it was extremely popular was because of the excitement that children felt in search of specific rocks. There might be a lot of rocks out there, but not all of them are worth collecting.

They have to find specific types of rocks and classify them accordingly. Storing and organizing these rocks is also an exciting thing to do.
In collecting rocks, there are various factors that have to be considered. It includes size, colour, shape and texture. Some of them are a major stand out as they don’t look like the rest. The ones that have unique shapes and properties must be included in the collection.

The best part about collecting rocks is that kids are given the chance to also travel outside their homes. They need to go elsewhere in search of more interesting rocks. Otherwise, the same types of rocks will be collected and it won’t be exciting at all. Places like quarries, roads, construction sites and beaches are among the best places to search for rocks. Just make sure that your kids are safe as they visit these places. You should also have the necessary permits to look into certain areas for rocks.

There are certain areas where people are not allowed to search for rocks. This includes national parks, monuments and private properties. Although there are a lot of interesting finds in these areas, it is best to just avoid them.

The necessary tools

Collecting rocks is not easy. If your kids really want to take it seriously, they need to have the basic tools. This includes a magnifying glass for closer inspection of the rocks. There should also be a hammer with two ends- blunt and pick. This tool is essential for breaking the rocks and collecting specimens. Safety glasses must also be worn to avoid damaging the eyes. Gloves must also be work for protecting the hands.

In collecting the samples, you must also bring newspapers to wrap the rocks. Markers are also important for labeling the samples and a bag where the collected samples are temporarily stored.

What to do after collection

After getting the samples back, the next step is to identify them. They have to be grouped based on properties. There are different types of rocks and they can be grouped as igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. In a way, it teaches kids scientific lessons.

Once the rocks have been identified and classified, they must be properly labeled so they won’t be mixed up. You should also start cataloging them so that the next time you need certain information or you have to retrieve the rocks, it would be easy.

Finally, the rocks must be displayed. This is a proud moment for your child who has worked really hard to get the entire process done.

Important lessons

Collecting rocks will teach kids a lot of lessons. They will learn how to be patient since they won’t find anything special all the time. They will also learn important scientific lessons. As they study in an actual science class, they will be more prepared. Most of all, they will learn to make the most of their childhood. Collecting rocks can be very fun. It won’t be the same experience as just sitting on the couch while playing video games.
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