Can Chainsaws Cut through Rock?

can-chainsaws-cut-through-rockThere are different types of chainsaws. They come in different sizes and weight. They also serve different purposes. Usually, we imagine them being used to cut wood. They cut huge trees and trim them down to smaller pieces. Smaller chainsaws are easier to use, but they are not meant for heavy duty purposes. They are also more suitable for sculpting because they are easier to handle. Bigger chainsaws are reserved for big and heavy tasks such as cutting old and thick trees.

When it comes to wood, it is easy to imagine using chainsaw. It is sharp enough to cut trees into smaller pieces and make them more refined. However, you might not immediately think of them if you are to cut rock. The bigger question is, can chainsaw cut through rock? Will it not break apart? Will rocks not fly away once cut and potentially injure someone?

The truth is that there are chainsaws that can cut through rocks, but not all of them are meant for the said purpose. Some of them are only useful for trees. Once used for rocks, they can easily break apart.

Concrete chainsaws

These are common nowadays. It is true especially since there are areas in which a different concrete size or shape would be necessary. It can’t be broken down further except if a concrete chainsaw is used. This is perfect for cutting concrete as it would cut through without breaking the concrete into smaller pieces. It will also not damage the chainsaw or make blades dull. They are meant for such purpose.

Chainsaws for rocks

Chainsaws meant to cut through concrete are more delicate. They only work when used with softer rocks. Harder rocks on the other hand would require a different kind of chainsaw. It has to be more powerful. It should cut the stone into smaller pieces according to the exact shape that you would like it to be. They are also sharp and extremely dangerous when used by people who are not trained to handle it.

There are other chainsaws that are more suitable for harder minerals like diamond. Yes, the hardest mineral can still be cut further using a chainsaw which is meant for that purpose. It is extremely difficult to use and only those who have trained to use it can do it with ease. Otherwise, it could affect the quality of the diamond.

The best choice

When it comes to price, it also varies depending on the model that you have chosen and the size of the chainsaw. You might also want to read chain saw reviews for more information on the best chainsaw to buy.

You can also look for references online and read the specifications for each model before closing the deal. Most of all, you have to compare the options first by looking at the price, specs and reliability of the brand. Once you have compared the options and found the best one on the list, you can go ahead and seal the deal.

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