December 2016

Which Footwear Should You Choose for a Long Hike Searching for Rocks?

wanderer-455338_640Plantar fasciitis is a common problem especially among middle-aged people who are busy with work or athletics. This usually comes with heel pain. It is due to repeated strain that may cause tears on the ligament and become really painful. This may also lead to swelling for severe cases. It may also happen if you keep searching for rocks over long distance.

There are a lot of reasons why this could happen. You might be wearing really high heels. They are considered plantar fasciitis shoes because they force your feet to roll inward when you walk and make you feel a lot of pain. You may also have a really active lifestyle because you are a runner or your job requires you to walk or run a lot. This problem could be serious and could cause extreme pain.

Solving the problem

The best way to end this problem is to choose the right pair of shoes. Aside from aesthetics, the main quality to look into is comfort. You have to feel really comfortable with what you are wearing. You need to choose shoes with arch support or cushioned sole. You can also try using heel cups or inserts just to provide support for your feet and lessen the impact of using heels. If this does not work, you have to consult your doctor. There are people who have developed a more severe problem because they have been trying to ignore the pain and still push through with the same shoes for a very long time. You can put on your new shoes and try hiking next time to see if there is a difference in how you feel.

At night, it helps if you place ice cubes on a basin of water where you can put your feet to rest. It will at least help alleviate the pain. This is not the best solution, but you can give it a try. There are also some creams that you can apply on your feet to make it feel cold and relaxed. Again, seeking for your physician’s help is the best way to put an end to this especially if this has been going on for a while now. You don’t think it is a serious problem but it could be. Get help as soon as possible.

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