September 2016

The Artistry Evolved From Primitive Age

The history of Geology is as ancient as the life on Earth, but it has been a matter of interest to humans only back in the 4th century. It was after Aristotle observed the evolution of rocks and minerals, the scientists and philosophers started to learn and mine certain crust around the 5th century. Geology, as a separate branch of science, was developed in the late 17th century. The geologists from various academies started to investigate every layer of earth and stop at every stone to find the fossils embedded within the Earth.

Rock Art is the term used by a number of historians over years. They are images embossed, carved or furrowed on a rock surface and are used to convey messages before writing has originated. They are simply the markings on a natural stone, according to archaeology, and this “rock art” is divided into the sub-disciplines in the late 19th century, like petroglyphs and pictographs. Petroglyphs are the carvings reflecting the Stone Age, while Pictographs are drawing or paintings on rocks.

seamounts-gravityDeriving from pre-historic times, these stone pecking is created by the ancestors of Pueblo people who lived in the Rhio Grande valley before A.D.500. These powerful cultural symbols reflect the tribal society and their ceremonies. Each carving relates to a known or unknown context which is extremely important, orienting the sphere or scenery. Some petroglyphs have meanings that are known only to its master while others are contemporary designs of religious existence, sceneries or any area and are honoured for its origin.

A pictograph, by the name itself, expresses the prehistoric abstracts in paintings or images on a rock. They are carefully arranged to convey messages, for example, paintings of animal hunting or wild animals of that era. These served as the pioneer for information about the ancient civilization and their habituates. The art forms are engraved in almost every cave that can be interpreted as the primitive symbols of hunting.

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